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Friday, August 27, 2010

Wireless Plans

International Cell Phone Services
International Cell Phone Service for Travellers - Prepaid International Cell Phones and Service
Traveling abroad and you want to be able to make cell phone calls from overseas? You may be surprised to learn that the vast majority of cell phones in use in the United States do not work outside of North America. Not only that, but those U.S. based cell phone services that do allow you to make calls from overseas charge outrageous "international roaming" fees. Most international cell phone rentals also have extremely high per minute rates.
Fortunately, there is a better and much less expensive alternative: Prepaid International Cell Phone Service

With prepaid international wireless, you're always in control of how much you spend and, since there are no monthly bills, you can decide ahead of time how much you or your business will spend on cell phone calls. Global travelers, by leveraging local prepaid wireless products enjoy even more savings by avoiding:

High roaming charges
International cell phone roaming charges can be outrageous! By using an unlocked GSM world phone with a prepaid SIM card you can avoid these ridiculously high fees.

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