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Monday, September 13, 2010

Laptop Battery

The Bottom Line
The suggested retail price of $229(USD) for this laptop replacement battery and included AC adapter is very reasonable. It's a laptop accessory that mobile workers should definitely consider. The compact design makes it a breeze for packing and you needn't worry about increasing the overall weight of your laptop carrying case, as it weighs just 19.6 oz.
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* Reasonable purchase price
* Compact and lightweight
* Increases laptop run-time


* May not work with older model laptops


* Up to 5 hours of extended run-time
* Fits over 2000 laptops
* Universal AC adapter included
* Ultra-slim, lightweight design (19.6 oz)
* Advanced Lithium Polymer technology
* Full one-year warranty

Guide Review - PowerPlus 60 Universal Laptop Battery

Universal laptop batteries are quite often overlooked by mobile workers and this particular battery shouldn't be. It uses Lithium Polymer technology which is superior to Li-Ion technology and it's lightweight design is resistant to overcharge and leakage.

If you aren't sure if your laptop model will fit, you can check the listing provided and it also advises which tip to use based on your model.

For peace of mind and the knowledge that your laptop won't quit at a critical moment, purchasing a universal laptop battery is a wise investment for mobile workers.

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