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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vodaphone X-10

he incredible Sony Ericsson X10 is powered by Android™. So it's easy to sync with your Google™ account - and with Picasa™, Google's popular photo sharing site.

It's a looker too, with a huge four inch touchscreen that'll blow you away. Switch fast to widescreen by turning the X10 on its side. Then enjoy movies and the web in stunning definition - as well as photos taken with its 8.1 megapixel camera.

Want great apps for your X10? Choose from hundreds at the online Android market. Get everything from the latest sports, news or weather updates to favourites like and Facebook.

Experience Android

Powered by Android - a clever system that makes Sony Ericsson's X10 an amazing experience

Three home screens
Slide your finger across the screen to move between three home screens that let you set things up just the way you like them.

Feels like a PC
Drag and drop apps like you do on a computer. And search Google by typing straight into a handy bar right there on your home screen.

Works brilliantly with Google
Got Google Mail™? Get it sent straight to your phone. Use Picasa to share photos? You can upload them without a computer.

Pinpoint places and people
Google Latitude™ works with the X10's built in GPS to show where friends are. And Google Maps™ gives you directions to find them.

Widescreen to go

The world of widescreen is in your pocket with the Sony Ericsson X10. You'll experience videos, photos and the web in a way you've never done before.

Seeing is believing
Switch to widescreen in a flash - just turn the X10 and it does the rest. Every image is razor sharp, and every detail comes to life in dazzling high definition.

Great for YouTube™
YouTube videos open in full screen, making them roughly the same size as you'd see them on your computer.

Fantastic for photos
Shots taken with the X10's 8.1 megapixel camera are amazingly clear. You'll want to snap everything in sight - just to see how stunning the photos look.

An app for everything

Everyone's talking about apps - and there are loads for Sony Ericsson's X10. Go shopping in Android's app market, or download great apps for nothing.

Get terrific apps for free
With the weather forecast for the next ten days, you'll know what to wear on that big day out. Or how about an app that brings you real time footie scores from anywhere in the world?

Handy apps - and old favourites
A battery app helps prolong the life of your X10's battery. Or try out Shazam - a neat app that listens to tracks and tells you the artist and title. You'll also find apps for social sites like Facebook and

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