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Friday, June 11, 2010

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S by Vodafone in UK

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is now available for pre-order in Vodafone UK. You can get one free on 2-year contract starting out at 35 pounds plan. The date is 15 June.

A week ago we announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy S throughout Europe however things have obviously been off to a slow start. Most major retailers and carriers still don't have the uber-smartphone in stock but obviously the actual release date is not that far away.

Vodafone UK is the first to announce its pre-order campaign, plans and availability of Galaxy S.

You can get a Galaxy S on 2-year contract for 35 pounds per month. It's the minimum for a free device and includes unlimited SMS, 900 minutes and 1GB of data. Whatever tariff you'll choose, there is no unlimited data option, but 1GB only.

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